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Bachelor's Degree: Level 3 (36 Months)

Term I

Fundamentals of Art

Blueprints & High Poly L1

Hard Surface L1 & Tech Drawings L1

Term II

3D Modeling L2 & Surfacing L1

Conceptualization L1 & Hard Surface L2

Integration Pistols & Revolvers

NURBS Modeling L1

Term III

Technical Integration L1

Conceptualization L2 & Mechanical L1, L2

Digital Sculpting L1, L2

Materials & Authoring L1, L2

Term IV

Technical Integration L2 & NURBS L2

Automatic Rifles & Snipers

Game Engine L1, L2 & Prototype L1

Soft Surface Integration L1

Term V

HQ Soft Surface Int.

AV & Technical Integration L3

Internship L1 & Conceptualization L1, L2

Prototype L2

Term VI

Armors, Artillery & Defensive Equip R&D

Internship L2, CNC Implementation

Game Engine L3 & Projects

Mock ups and Industry Application

Who Are We
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