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Devil 13

Creature Design

The Colonist International School of Games specializes in training students to join AAA studios.

Dedicated to brilliance in teaching, learning, research, and to developing innovators who make a difference globally.



Why The Colonist?

Today's world is a world of the internet, Where 95% of data is available online to learn.

Education is almost free in today's world. The filtration of the right content takes time. Hard to understand What is necessary and what is outdated?

The journey starts with art. Art will lead you to design and so on. Keep your hunger for learning to become a developer or publisher.

Honestly speaking: My country needs brains that can develop, innovate and engineer. It would be best to have an atmosphere where many quality people can communicate and address you. We are the best choice if you value every second of your life.

Here, at The Colonist, we value time. We are a production unit that works on AAA games. Our team is aware of the industry pipeline and the workflow of studios around the globe.

We help you to find the keys to unlock the doors for the next-gen game industry. We cover Industry standard techniques, strategies, social behavior & pressure handling skills, ethics, and morality that help to train your mind to achieve higher goals. 

We are initiating to advance our country in terms of game development. Insist you may not compare us with any college, university, or other education programs. It doesn't make sense to compare an obsolete to a functional one. In case you are not interested in our work, environment, or ethics. Kindly close the website. It's hard to satisfy everyone. 


One Year Degree

Associate's Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Alumni working with most of the top AAA studios.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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T: +91 120 368-7595  |  P: +91 9717-2434-79
Meeting Point: 1, 126, Sec-04, Vaishali, Delhi NCR


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