The Colonist is a dedicated hub designed for artists & designers. We pioneered a meaningful education for seekers. #1 in INDIA.


The Colonist specializes in video games training by employing only working, top-tier professionals in the game industry, while preparing The Colonist students for careers by mimicking every aspect of productive and working game developers & production houses.

The Colonist has created an educational environment unlike any other. We believe in classwork rather than homework and deploy our talent in practical instead of energizing time, in theory, the colonist experience is one that includes an expansive range of educational activities that include industry events showcasing the latest artistic and CG techniques, among others. Through multiple methods, such as studio tours, open houses, and industry-related events, students at The Colonist gain a broad understanding of the operational characteristics of different studios, a unique insight into the current job market and ultimately, the accumulated knowledge of how to market one's self upon completing a The Colonist program. Because of The Colonist's adherence to this well-established mission, our students are guaranteed a full range of educational opportunities well beyond the traditional classroom setting.

The Colonist recognizes that high quality artistic and technical education is only a portion of the necessary components needed to train students for success. In the industries, The Colonist serves, productive teamwork, successful collaboration, extensive networking, artistic professionalism, and high ethical standards are paramount to success.

The vision of school reflects our commitment to provide world-renowned training that ensures The Colonist programs are on the cutting edge of the computer graphics for games. To this end, students are provided a competitive level of skill and understanding that emphasizes the artistry and techniques of computer graphics. The Colonist students are groomed to move beyond linear processes and develop heightened critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities.

We put efforts on our students so they stand and make their value in this cutting edge technology era. We not only train them for opportunities in different industries but we do care that how they become more creative and start their journey as an entrepreneur in their upcoming years. The Colonist is working on his vision to promote development on big projects in our nation so we build careers rather than approaching to anyone.

Robots with Guns


The Colonist School of Game Design has founded in 2015, which is located in the heart of the Nation and provides specialized training for AAA Games. We offer Matchbook Course, Associate's and Bachelor's Degree for individuals without prior experience in CGI for games. In addition to this, we conduct Online courses, skill enrichment for individuals already in the industry, and custom training programs for studios. The curriculum gets updated by the R&D team, and professional artists that work with major studios around the world. With their input, our programs and facilities are constantly evolving to reflect the changing demands of the gaming industry.

The Colonist is one of the subsidiaries of Three Colonist, an Art Production Studio that works for AAA studios around the globe. Advisory Board members and instructors are working professional artists, who work and consult with studios s.t. Technicolor, Keywords, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Amazon, Sumo Digital, etc.


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